Hello? Where are you going so fast;-)? Card with a pocket inside, I've bought a package of sunflower seeds and put it into the pocket. it's a nice gift for a little boy/girl, and always such fun to let children play in the garden and let them put their own seeds into the ground and take care of the little plants. They love to see them grow.

All stamps are from the
Magnolia shop.

Have a nice day!

xx, Inge

8 opmerkingen

  1. I love the colors on this card. Such a great idea!!

  2. Oh wow what a stunner fabulous card ,Dawnx

  3. prachtiggg Inge en wat een leuk idee zo met dat pakje zaad!

  4. love the bright colours on your card, just right for the little ones and a great idea for the sunflowers too!

  5. What a lovely card, and such a nice idea to give avay som flowerseeds.
    this is something I will remember :)



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